Amazon Web Services

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Amazon WEB Services is one of the a cloud computing leaders today.

What does cloud computing do?
Relocating Network Infrastructure and resources into Cloud Provider.

For example:
Instead of deploying a physical server (Web server for example) We can just rent a Server Machine in AWS and we only pay base on our usage, it’s very cost efficient!.

Full Cloud Deployment = All server are deployed in Cloud
Hybrid Deployment = Servers are deployed both on premise and cloud

IaaS = Entire infrastructure is in the cloud (ex. web server, storage server)
PaaS = Applications in the infrastructure (ex. Html code in web server)
Saas = Someone create the software in the cloud and we use it ( ex. Yahoomail, googlemail)

Region = Physical location / Boundary with AWS data center
Availability Zone = Multiple centers

Identity and Access Management

Service where we add, delete and manage users, groups, roles and their level of access.

“IAM allows principals to act on resources base on policies”

Principals = the primary principals in AWS are Users, Groups, and Roles (also called Identities)
Resources = things which action can be taken example ec2 instance, S3, billing, and more.
Policies = Rules that determine allowed actions or access

Role = An Identity that is granted permissions but not permanently assign to a user.
ex. Grant EC2 access to S3 Permission
EC2 Server need to view/edit S3 resources thru CML, We need to assigned IAM Role.

Boundaries = Constraint of allowed permissions to principals. of allowed permissions to principals.

Security Hub = Scan for compliance with regulation and laws.

Cloud Trail = Logging Service. Event history, in case of incident we can check what went wrong.

S3 (simple storage service)

Storage location in AWS. We can store any file like
document, movies, pdf, jpeg, mp3, any file type.

Bucket = Folder/container in AWS S3. Not globally define.
Object = Can be a file, image, video inside the bucket.


  • Objects in S3 buckets have eventual consistency. Ex. you have a bucket replicated in multiple AZ, if you made a revision in one AZ it will take seconds or millisecond for that revision to occur in all AZ.
  • Object in EBS are consistent.

EC2 (elastic compute cloud)

This is basicaly a server that is hosted in the cloud.
This server is scalable base on our demand


We can buy domain here.
route53 is Domain Name System (DNS) in the cloud.
for example I can resolve the public IP

Hosting a Worpress website in AWS Lightsail

A Domain Name. You can get a Domain name in AWS
Route53 or any Domain Register Sites.

1.) Go to AWS lightsail service
2.) Create an instance
3.) Copy the Public IP Address of the WordPress server
4.) Go Route53 and create a record set
5.) Bind the WordPress IP address to your domain name
6.) Go back to lightsail
7.) Under Networking create a static IP and attached your Domain
8.) Create SSL certificate
9.) ssh to your wordpress server and type
“sudo /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool”. Note: Do not run on a live website
10.) Type your website and email add when ask.

11.) Go to bitnami_application_password and copy it. We will use
it to login in our worpress site
12.) No we can now got to our website, open a web browser
and start typing our domain name
13.) log in to our wordpress
username = user
password = the one that we copied in bitnami_application_password file

Creating simple VPC with bastion host

to be continue…

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