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Nosh Mish Mosh

The Nosh Mish Mosh is a recipe and ingredient meal delivery service. They ship the raw materials and you get to cook them at your home!


Nosh Mish Mosh wants to run an experiment to see if we can convince more people to purchase meal plans if we use a more artisanal-looking vegetable selection. We’ve photographed these modern meals with blush tomatoes and graffiti eggplants, but aren’t sure if this strategy will sell enough units to benefit from establishing a business relationship with a new provider.

Nosh Mish Mosh target goal is to get a $1240 more every week.


1.) Test between changing design(to more artisanal-looking vegetable selection).

  • Null hypothesis: There is no significant difference between the old and new design.
  • Alternative hypothesis: Old and new design are significantly different. Changing to new design will improve sales based on our expected sales increase of $1240.


  • customer_visits: total number of customers visits our page
  • purchasing_customers: Total number of customers who made a purchased
  • money_spent: List of amounts each customer spent

Data Inspection

In [156]:
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from scipy.stats import chi2_contingency
import matplotlib as plt
import seaborn as sns
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
In [157]:
# List of data
customer_visits = [{'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 83421, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Michael Todd'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 46042, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brianna Harmon'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 23766, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Mario Arnold'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 20859, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Paul Quinn'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 57771, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jerome Moore'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 28993, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Mark Smith'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 15153, 'moneyspent': 39.01, 'name': u'Jacob Harmon'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 29596, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Curtis Blanchard'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 74271, 'moneyspent': 10.16, 'name': u'Wayne Potter'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 22627, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Andrew King'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 88286, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brian Marshall'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 66112, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Nicole Bryan'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 60595, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Samuel Beck'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 10659, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Dawn Wallace'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 83489, 'moneyspent': 36.88, 'name': u'Jimmy Carrillo'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 44105, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Darren Mays'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 33246, 'moneyspent': 23.41, 'name': u'Kara Davis'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 62000, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Nancy Malone'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 18815, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Nancy Richmond'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 29847, 'moneyspent': 33.49, 'name': u'Mr. Brett Roberts'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 56146, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Angie Jones'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 94926, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Daniel Dixon'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 90193, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'William Franco'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 44561, 'moneyspent': 27.76, 'name': u'Christine Osborne'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 94588, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Ronald Wright'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 75120, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Steven Paul'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 93822, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Danielle Cobb'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 74829, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Lindsey Haynes'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 33271, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Lawrence Walker'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 68272, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jay Simmons'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 65093, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jamie Cardenas'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 81074, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Ryan Miller'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 11639, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Kevin Hunter'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 98741, 'moneyspent': 38.6, 'name': u'John Terry MD'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 94756, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brenda Jenkins'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 42182, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Martin Weiss'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 10861, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Timothy Vasquez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 53861, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Lisa Rodriguez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 52206, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Anna Burton'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 65040, 'moneyspent': 18.46, 'name': u'Tonya Lane'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 92545, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Adam Pena'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 22744, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Michael Harmon'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 99548, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jeanette Martin'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 82600, 'moneyspent': 28.9, 'name': u'Megan Chapman'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 69140, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Michael Hill'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 63803, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Adam Houston'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 14586, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Travis Shelton'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 27137, 'moneyspent': 32.53, 'name': u'Eduardo Gillespie DVM'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 54610, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Crystal Hammond'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 51343, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'George Mata'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 53428, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Theresa Hebert'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 15189, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Katherine Clarke'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 96920, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Angela Silva'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 27274, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Teresa Henderson'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 78341, 'moneyspent': 7.35, 'name': u'Brian Vasquez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 55502, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Carrie Clarke'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 68081, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Walter Marquez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 94418, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Shelby Hicks'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 90470, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Elizabeth James'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 75069, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Ashley Barron'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 19094, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Christopher Vazquez'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 42697, 'moneyspent': 14.81, 'name': u'Marie Williams'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 81395, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Derrick Johnson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 17617, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Andrew Williamson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 83382, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Sean Holt'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 30454, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Richard Williamson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 41262, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Joseph Mcclure'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 85205, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Julie Robertson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 61766, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Nathaniel Ramirez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 21737, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Samantha Tran'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 85859, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Donald Martinez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 51141, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jasmine Davis'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 64934, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Bruce Pierce'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 69804, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Joseph Bailey'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 35659, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jasmine Hester'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 88382, 'moneyspent': 27.57, 'name': u'Cynthia Reynolds'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 99851, 'moneyspent': 15.34, 'name': u'Stephen Mccall'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 70970, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Bradley Park'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 11803, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Kyle Smith'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 45422, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Shelby Ford'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 41088, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jennifer Fernandez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 70766, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Alejandro Perez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 54807, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Chad Snyder'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 32418, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Elizabeth Adams'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 79746, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'John Miller'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 31778, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Patrick Ford'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 94094, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Edward Valdez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 56900, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Michael Aguilar'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 79915, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Tara Cooper'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 66018, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Garrett Schultz'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 54315, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Edward Smith'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 93718, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Betty Richardson DDS'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 70526, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jacqueline Mitchell'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 64919, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Dennis Miles'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 16956, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Amanda Hamilton'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 87570, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Deanna Reilly'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 12295, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Crystal Cruz'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 65227, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jerry Strickland'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 94736, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Abigail Durham'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 52641, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Emily George'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 14706, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jesus Schmidt'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 24306, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jennifer Ellis'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 44168, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Edward Evans'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 11658, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Lance Pitts'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 98508, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Sean Gray'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 46763, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Matthew Sosa'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 16737, 'moneyspent': 19.75, 'name': u'Deborah Abbott'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 81657, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Michelle Byrd'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 97211, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Colin Colon'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 98224, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Rose Miranda'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 91076, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Ashley Schultz'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 93812, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Mariah King'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 41588, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Heather Mclean'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 17888, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jacqueline Quinn'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 34787, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Christian Lambert'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 43643, 'moneyspent': 13.25, 'name': u'Kayla Woodard DVM'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 43941, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Nicole Cox'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 55727, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'David Arroyo'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 88751, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jason Barnett'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 82268, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Stacey Harris'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 65405, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Amanda Rollins'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 95163, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Gabriela Anderson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 28204, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brandon Thompson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 98640, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Austin Robles'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 56373, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Kenneth Hicks'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 13098, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Natalie Flores'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 43106, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Timothy Carr'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 58794, 'moneyspent': 23.41, 'name': u'William Jackson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 65504, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brian Hill'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 41269, 'moneyspent': 25.97, 'name': u'James Jackson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 28525, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Gregory Craig'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 27632, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'David Campbell'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 51069, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Michelle Bradley'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 75376, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Joann Williamson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 68859, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Stephanie Carter'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 21812, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'James Oliver'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 10908, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Priscilla Sanders'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 71219, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Heidi Olsen'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 33704, 'moneyspent': 9.72, 'name': u'John Reeves'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 12068, 'moneyspent': 9.29, 'name': u'Nathan Todd'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 63934, 'moneyspent': 24.32, 'name': u'Christopher Costa'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 67530, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Michele King'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 27158, 'moneyspent': 41.78, 'name': u'Eddie Rhodes'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 10475, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Breanna Murillo'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 20270, 'moneyspent': 36.0, 'name': u'Bethany Luna'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 67855, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Kaitlyn Richardson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 66585, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Arthur Schmitt'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 76525, 'moneyspent': 24.11, 'name': u'Christine Anderson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 61659, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Susan Brown'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 50612, 'moneyspent': 41.62, 'name': u'Julian Moreno'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 83878, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Elizabeth Foster'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 71029, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Todd Reynolds'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 11310, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Danielle Savage'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 78539, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Shannon Cox'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 64145, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Diana Morgan'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 34188, 'moneyspent': 33.7, 'name': u'Jeffrey Lewis'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 97226, 'moneyspent': 36.69, 'name': u'Jason Ayala'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 11979, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Edward Carlson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 30678, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Christopher Lewis'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 78049, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Vanessa Simpson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 23617, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Tara Reynolds'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 63394, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Heidi Haas'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 58395, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Breanna Munoz'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 40579, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Thomas Nash'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 85584, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Steven Roy'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 64760, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Alicia Matthews DDS'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 70407, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'William Wilson'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 59854, 'moneyspent': 31.73, 'name': u'Dustin Lozano'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 72720, 'moneyspent': 43.25, 'name': u'Rhonda Roberts'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 28429, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Maxwell Norton'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 65447, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Wendy Wilkinson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 58949, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Megan Stone'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 85423, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Andrew Francis'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 84687, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jeremy Allison'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 93768, 'moneyspent': 27.93, 'name': u'Brian Bell'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 52864, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Morgan Garcia'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 21532, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Douglas Perez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 73726, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Anthony Mccall'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 89626, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Samuel Brown'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 26287, 'moneyspent': 8.02, 'name': u'Ray Martinez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 55955, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Lisa Irwin'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 35130, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Evan Sullivan'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 39133, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brendan Vang'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 99047, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Stephanie Hughes'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 18592, 'moneyspent': 18.63, 'name': u'David Schwartz'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 84093, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'William Cummings'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 18940, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Rose Whitehead'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 93396, 'moneyspent': 32.3, 'name': u'Alyssa Floyd'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 76152, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'David Becker'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 40080, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Paige Barnes'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 17613, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Drew Flores IV'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 19314, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Elizabeth Flynn DDS'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 37651, 'moneyspent': 38.58, 'name': u'Brandon York'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 22201, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Gregory Duncan'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 35718, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Christopher Lewis'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 35033, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Charlotte Greene'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 53207, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Latasha Summers'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 93438, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Martin Rodriguez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 82572, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Emily Carrillo'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 92655, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'David Russell'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 91730, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Dawn Bond'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 89907, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Tricia Martinez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 98049, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Erica Martinez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 26466, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Joanna Hale DVM'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 51770, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Bianca Boyer'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 49057, 'moneyspent': 15.19, 'name': u'Jamie Howard'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 11813, 'moneyspent': 8.25, 'name': u'Robert Brown'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 16782, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Tyler Conley'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 18348, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Emily Davis'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 63406, 'moneyspent': 41.19, 'name': u'Teresa Martin'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 42074, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Dr. Kathy Turner'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 94350, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'John Johnson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 63067, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Melissa Taylor'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 63217, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Barbara Herring'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 27116, 'moneyspent': 32.47, 'name': u'Debra Elliott'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 31684, 'moneyspent': 36.79, 'name': u'Randy Garza'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 45588, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'John Gonzales'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 76468, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Robert Bush'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 69738, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'John Miller'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 42678, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jessica Washington'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 48242, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'David Rodriguez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 87062, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brianna Murphy'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 81318, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Mr. Steven Hendrix'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 30991, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Rhonda Lee'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 75040, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Megan Nguyen'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 57404, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brenda Smith'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 31185, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Matthew Lewis'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 98288, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Michelle Lopez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 98447, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Sarah Schmidt'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 37610, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Ryan Stephenson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 74394, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Maria Moody'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 39389, 'moneyspent': 42.25, 'name': u'David Martinez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 51105, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Andrew Carney'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 86851, 'moneyspent': 10.66, 'name': u'Brandon Young'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 93168, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Joanne Ingram'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 91502, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brooke Smith DDS'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 40319, 'moneyspent': 43.61, 'name': u'Cory Sheppard'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 30791, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Gary Howard'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 72471, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'James Torres'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 34422, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Patricia Petersen'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 46647, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'James Johnson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 75368, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Sherri Gibbs'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 21748, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Nicole Torres'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 59490, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Amanda Lewis'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 74448, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Sheila May'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 83824, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jennifer Williams'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 52185, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Alyssa Anderson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 46429, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Alicia King'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 60836, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Melissa Schultz'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 55993, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Andrew Williams'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 91752, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Lawrence Cruz'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 13152, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jared Harrison'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 74692, 'moneyspent': 22.63, 'name': u'Anthony Rojas'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 40132, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Amanda Wilson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 12916, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Christine Long'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 29123, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Eddie Hunter'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 20040, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Anthony Taylor'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 64921, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Michael Robinson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 23280, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Amber Manning'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 18803, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jordan Warren'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 91304, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Joseph Leonard'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 32733, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brittany Aguilar'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 29799, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jennifer Valencia'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 20648, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Mason Brown'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 49152, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Laurie Kelly'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 75289, 'moneyspent': 34.35, 'name': u'Michael Hale'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 38619, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Michelle Gill'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 74895, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Karen Mason'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 72875, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Karla Marquez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 61570, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Keith Parker'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 67777, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Paige Williams'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 67674, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jennifer Young'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 16009, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Patrick Mitchell'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 82406, 'moneyspent': 34.74, 'name': u'Michelle Rodriguez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 73869, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Robert Phillips'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 16999, 'moneyspent': 42.38, 'name': u'Michael Gordon'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 23942, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Brian Phillips'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 62115, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Darrell Mullen'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 84774, 'moneyspent': 30.83, 'name': u'Edward Alvarado'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 21849, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Taylor Huynh'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 11283, 'moneyspent': 33.53, 'name': u'Danielle Garcia'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 24754, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Joan Rodriguez'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 90244, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Jeff Thompson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 49753, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Dawn Perez'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 72460, 'moneyspent': 42.93, 'name': u'Alexa Jones'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 90996, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Tiffany Harris'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 74821, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Charles James'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 96647, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Mark Robinson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 69043, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Mark Cole'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 43603, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Bryan Conley'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 90084, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Christie Bush'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 83537, 'moneyspent': 7.65, 'name': u'Colton Sanders'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 77169, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Kara Wilson'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 29544, 'moneyspent': 0, 'name': u'Linda Bonilla'}, {'purchased': True, 'clickedthrough': True, 'id': 15207, 'moneyspent': 12.08, 'name': u'Jacob Smith'}, {'purchased': False, 'clickedthrough': False, 'id': 23923, 'moneyspent': 0,